Creating Comfort



Testimonial from Chris

I’m not sure who to pass this along to so sending it to all of you.

I just want to make sure to make the highest recommendation possible for the Moving assistance company  Creating Comfort

They twice went above and beyond to help us get my dad moved into Independent living and then into assisted living.

I cannot even begin to tell you what a great business that is. They are so organized, efficient, great communication, the staff are fantastic at what they do, and they do exactly what they say they will in the time allotted. The moving company they use was amazing, polite and efficient. They all work so incredibly hard. If that isn’t enough they are also the kindest people in the world.

If we had not hired them we not only wouldn’t have been able to get dad moved those two times but I would have lost my mind.

Please recommend them to others. I cannot praise them enough.

Chris Iversen

Testimonial from Priscilla

"Thank You" doesn't even come close to expressing how much I appreciate all you've done for our family. What a wonderful service you provide!!”

Priscilla, Mountain View


Testimonial from Sally

Thank you - for this, for the earlier detail, and most of all for so much invaluable help.  You personally made a huge difference for me, and your team was wonderful.  I can now imagine someone else making 416E into their own home, and making as much happiness there as my mother did.  


Testimonial from Candace

I am over the moon!  Thank you so much for segregating and sending those family papers to me.  I can't thank you enough that you cared enough to save these precious things.  (And I think that even those people who are not genealogy nuts would feel the same.)  Even though I was somewhat take aback by the sheer volume (8 cartons and one tote). It's taking me a while to get through it (mostly because I want to savor what I'm finding.)  But today was sheer bliss.  My grandparents' original wedding certificate from 1909!  and  a photo of my grandmother from the mid-1940's.  (She broke her hip shortly after that and spent the last 10+ years of her life in a wheel chair - and that's the only memory I have)

Thank you - thank you ALL for your hard work, your discretion and your sensitivity.  

Candace H. Weatherby

Testimonial from Linda


“I can’t thank you enough for all that you did. You were responsive, efficient and dependable. Your sensitivity to the situation during an emotional time was greatly appreciated.”

Linda, San Mateo